Digital Strategies for Impact

Our mastery of digital strategies will profoundly change how we define, deliver, and enable aid, resulting in transformative impact for our sector and the world. No matter where you are on that journey, just beginning or advanced, digital transformation is a balancing act between vision and implementation, aspiration and outcomes. If we want to harness the power of technology, it’s time for all of us to step up and embrace digital transformation.

Personalize your Agenda

The NetHope Global Summit Agenda is now online. You should have received an email invitation to log in, so please complete your profile so that other delegates can find you and start generating  pre-Summit connections. The online Summit agenda is available to all, please review and consider following our plenary session via live broadcasts

Daily Themes

  • The Digital NGO, which will focus on “Digital Transformation,” and “Doing Good Better,” and a deep-dive into the Center for the Digital Nonprofit;
  • Programs/Refugee Response, which will explore how technology is transforming the way nonprofits operate in the field, drawing heavily from the refugee response;
  • Information Security and Data Protection, which will endeavor to equip our members to meet the data protection and information security challenge head-on in the coming year. 

Monday at the Summit

Monday morning working group sessions

 As in previous years, NetHope Working Groups will convene Monday morning. These groups are made up of representatives from member and partner organizations that work together throughout the year to solve problems and produce guidance/learning on shared interests. The annual Summit provides an opportunity for Group members to meet in person, and get a lot done in a short time! The agenda, format, and facilitation of these meeting are left up to the Working Group lead(s).

We expect to have working groups for Connectivity & Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Data Protection & Privacy, Gender Empowerment & Technology, etc.

Monday afternoon icebreakers, and introduction sessions

This year, we are starting something new: topical peer discussions and a “Fail Fest.”

Peer Discussions: Peer discussion sessions will allow members to get to know each other, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions in smaller, context-specific groups. These discussions will be on specific topics of interest, products/platforms used by many members, or emerging trends that may affect our sector. There will be two 45-minute sessions on predefined topics.

To ensure your topics are covered, indicate the Peer Discussion topics of greatest interest using this form.

Fail Fest: At the inaugural NetHope Fail Fest, we’ll celebrate our ICT failures: what we learn from them, and how we apply those learnings to future objectives. Members will be asked to prepare 5-minute Fail presentations, covering what failed, why it failed, and the lessons learned from the failure. Note: This is meant to be a fun, and light-hearted event; humor strongly encouraged.  

We will have time for 5-10 prepared member failure presentation followed by a Fail Fest open mic, closing and awards. 

The Agenda Suggestion form now accepts proposed Fail Fest suggestions. Submit yours today!

Friday at the Summit

Public Speaking Workshop with Lorraine Howell

Are you worried about that next board meeting presentation? Are you unsure how to motivate your team, or how to share your recent successes at the next major conference? Take part of in a public speaking training workshop with Lorraine Howell, the author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! Lorraine is with Media Skills Training and has helped thousands of executives take their public speaking skills to the next level. In this workshop you will learn an easy and effective framework for developing your content for engaging speeches and presentations. You will learn how to shift your focus to your audience, create interesting and compelling ways to open and close a presentation, and strategies for overcoming nervousness or discomfort you may be feeling about public speaking.

Building a Business Case

We have selected “Building a Business Case” for the Leadership Train topic for Friday. A strong business case can make your stakeholders' lives a lot easier, and also reveals the sound judgment, critical thinking, and business acumen of the presenter, making this a must-have skill for anyone looking to move up in their organization. This program will guide participants through the process of building a business case from inception to completion. 

Hot tip! Microsoft may be conducting Power BI training sessions on Friday. Watch this space for more Summit Agenda updates!