Connectivity & Infrastructure

Behind all the excitement of technological evolution and digital transformation lies solving the basic challenges of connecting remote locations to the internet, managing reliable network and server infrastructures, and powering devices. At this year’s summit we will be highlighting renewable energy solutions, exploring how to procure solutions more effectively and seeking to answer the elusive question of how much bandwidth is needed for our agencies to transform.

Data Protection & Information Security 

A growing dependence on technology and data in humanitarian programs, coupled with significant developments in international privacy law, create complex challenges for the NetHope community in data protection and information security. This track will cover the growing and changing threat landscape, threat detection and risk mitigation strategies, compliance and legal issues, incident and breach response, and more.

Emerging Technologies

Technological advances profoundly impact the way we live and work. We believe that emerging technology - such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Finance, and Digital Farming - is a tool to protect and increase the value of human, social, and natural capital. In this track we will examine how the promise and application of these technologies as we seek to expedite and magnify the impact of our humanitarian and environmental relief efforts.

Humanitarian & Disaster Response

NetHope members respond to numerous humanitarian crises and natural disasters each year. This track will cover all aspects of humanitarian and disaster response operations, including capacity building and pre-positioning equipment, disaster risk management strategies, innovative tools and technologies, and use of crisis informatics to improve and streamline response operations.   


Data Analytics & Informatics

Data is key to a successful digital transformation, requiring fitting together pieces of a complex puzzle to form a cohesive data architecture. This track will cover how to use data most effectively through open data and collaboration, analytics and informatics. Additionally, it will discuss all aspects of data strategies that are required to support the use of data, including data management, governance and quality.

Digital Transformation

The collaborative spirit of NetHope enables organizations to reshape the combination of People, Process, and Technology for greater mission results through digital transformation. From the beginning of the journey to those further along the digital transformation continuum, this track will discuss resources, strategies, and tools needed to transform your organizations’ personnel and talent management strategies, organizational processes, and benchmarking. Discussions will feature the most effective, readily-available technologies to be utilized and the lessons learned for digital strategy implementation.

Tech for Good

The Tech for Good track covers the use of intentional design and development to improve the application of field technology within international program work. This includes the key areas of humanitarian response - livelihoods and agriculture, health and nutrition, education, financial inclusion, and monitoring evaluation.