"What am I looking forward to most at Summit? Fail Fest!"

Nora Lindström, with NetHope member Plan International and an Agenda Steering Committee member, shares what she’s looking forward to most at this year’s NetHope Global Summit.  

Last year in Dublin was my very first NetHope Global Summit. It’s a big part of my role to stay networked and connected. I was particularly keen to connect with peers engaged in using digital tools and solutions in programming and influencing work. It’s been fantastic to become more connected to the NetHope community, including being a member of the Emerging Technologies Working Group, as well as now being on the Agenda Steering Committee for the Summit and leading a Breakout Session on the topic of Tech Needs Feminism

When asked what I am looking forward to the most this year, it’s the Fail Fest! It’s so important we talk about—and learn from—failures. It’s difficult to talk openly and honestly about failure in our sector given that we work with people who are often in very vulnerable situations, yet that’s what makes this conversation so essential. If you've never been to a Fail Fest, it's a light-hearted event and each story is offered with good humor. Taking time on the first night of the Summit to learn from each other and share a laugh sets you up for success for the rest of the week.   

If you have a great story to share, send a quick note here covering what failed, why it failed, and the lessons learned from the failure. Even if you don’t have a great story to share yet, be sure to join us Monday. ‘Failure isn’t the falling down, it’s the staying down’ and the Fail Fest 2019 will have us all standing. 

Alexandra Mitchell
5 Things to Expect at a NetHope Global Summit

Sergio Fernandez, with NetHope member organization SOS Children’s Villages and an Agenda Steering Committee member, shares his insight on what you can expect from a NetHope Global Summit.

I first attended a NetHope Global Summit back in 2010 and I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was getting into. As you’re considering whether or not to attend this year here are few things I’ve learned that you can expect from a NetHope Global Summit. Expect to be energized and motivated. Expect to laugh, learn, and get some incredible work started. Expect to leave with vision and hope – ready to take action.

Participating in a NetHope Global Summit is a unique experience, so let’s get specific – here are five things you can expect in Puerto Rico this year.

  1. Gain knowledge. Learn from an incredible line-up of speakers who offer knowledge and insight in their fields of expertise. My tip – don’t be shy, sit right up front.

  2. Cultivate your skills. Plenary sessions will supply the vision and the workshops, breakout sessions, and trainings will equip you for practical action. Learn new skills, problem solve in real time, and build momentum. My tip – sign up for sessions as soon as possible, attend pre-Summit webinars, and come ready to engage.

  3. Build connections. Networking is a valuable part of the Global Summit experience and the best way to find solutions and connect to resources. There are so many opportunities throughout the Global Summit week to connect. My tip - make it a priority to connect with as many people as possible and stay connected after the Summit.

  4. Join in the celebration. There’s no question about it - the Global Summit is an intense week where a lot of work gets done, but there’s also plenty of fun to be had. Start the week with the pre-Summit social and don’t miss the Community Celebration on Wednesday night. My tip – be sure to stick around for the Closing Reception too. That’s when you’ll get a sneak peek at where next year’s Summit will be held.

  5. Be inspired. The first thing you feel at the Summit is the power of community. We are a part of something big, a movement that is making change. From different roles, different perspectives, and different experiences we share that inspiration with each other.

What continues to be the best part of the NetHope Global Summit every year is the opportunity to recognize myself in the experiences of others, to know that we all face the same challenges, and that, together we are making a difference. Collaboration is at the heart of every part of the Global Summit. We learn together, grow together, celebrate together, and inspire each other. Will I see you there? Vamos a Puerto Rico!


Alexandra Mitchell