"What am I looking forward to most at Summit? Fail Fest!"

Nora Lindström, with NetHope member Plan International and an Agenda Steering Committee member, shares what she’s looking forward to most at this year’s NetHope Global Summit.  

Last year in Dublin was my very first NetHope Global Summit. It’s a big part of my role to stay networked and connected. I was particularly keen to connect with peers engaged in using digital tools and solutions in programming and influencing work. It’s been fantastic to become more connected to the NetHope community, including being a member of the Emerging Technologies Working Group, as well as now being on the Agenda Steering Committee for the Summit and leading a Breakout Session on the topic of Tech Needs Feminism

When asked what I am looking forward to the most this year, it’s the Fail Fest! It’s so important we talk about—and learn from—failures. It’s difficult to talk openly and honestly about failure in our sector given that we work with people who are often in very vulnerable situations, yet that’s what makes this conversation so essential. If you've never been to a Fail Fest, it's a light-hearted event and each story is offered with good humor. Taking time on the first night of the Summit to learn from each other and share a laugh sets you up for success for the rest of the week.   

If you have a great story to share, send a quick note here covering what failed, why it failed, and the lessons learned from the failure. Even if you don’t have a great story to share yet, be sure to join us Monday. ‘Failure isn’t the falling down, it’s the staying down’ and the Fail Fest 2019 will have us all standing. 

Alexandra Mitchell