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At the close of a wonderful week in Dublin for the 2018 NetHope Global Summit, we were excited to announce that the 2019 Summit would be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The island holds particular significance to NetHope as many of our members and partners continue to operate there. Our collective response to hurricanes Maria and Irma powerfully symbolizes how much we can accomplish together.  

In light of recent developments involving Governor Roselló and the ongoing protests, we are closely monitoring the situation and are in regular communication with our planning partners and others on the ground. We feel the current peaceful civic action is not a cause for alarm but part of the larger recovery of the island. We remain committed to the recovery of Puerto Rico and to providing our members and partners with an exceptional Global Summit experience. 

“We are seeing democracy in action, asi se ve la democracia en accion,” said Patricia Vivalli with Discover Puerto Rico, a nonprofit destination marketing organization committed to the Island’s growth. “The people of Puerto Rico are sending a loud but peaceful message to the Governor that they deserve better.” 

The protests have remained peaceful and contained to a few blocks outside of the Governor’s mansion on Calle Forteleza in Old San Juan. A large but peaceful march took place on Monday and another is scheduled for this Saturday. The Summit venue, the Caribe Hilton, is located 3.5 kilometers (2.17 miles) from Old San Juan. It and other neighborhoods and commercial centers, such as Condado and Isla Verde, remain unaffected. Apart from some tourism in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico is open for business and the airport, buses, hotels, and tour companies on the island are continuing to operate as normal. 

We will remain in regular communication with our Global Summit planning partners and others on the ground and feel confident that the civic action in progress will bring about a positive resolution before our event in October. We share with our members, partners, and the people of Puerto Rico a vision for a future where the whole island thrives. 


Vision. Action. Hope. 
NetHope Global Summit 2019